Post Construction Termite Control in Northern Mississippi

post construction grounds Pickens Pest Control Oxford, MS
Your home is security, shelter, and protection. To termites it is considered a food source. Don’t let termites literally eat you out of house and home. Pickens Pest Control has been shielding residents and business of North Central Mississippi from termites for over 15 years.
Whether it is for new construction or renovation the last thing you would want are termites damaging or destroying your home. As a home owner, they can cause heavy expenses that could dig into your savings.
Termite cause more damage in the U.S. then fires or floods. Yet the damage is not covered under your property insurance. Pickens Pest Control will provide you with a FREE inspection to identify any conducive conditions, or active infestations. Then recommend a treatment that will provide control of the problem with a guarantee to keep termites out of your home or business. (Yearly contract required)

“Peace of Mind Over Pest, That's The PICKENS WAY”
Contact Pickens Pest Control in Oxford, MS immediately if you suspect a termite infestation, or if you would like to schedule regular visits as a preventative measure. You and your home will be the better for it.